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As the weather warms up, it is tempting to take a walk through your garden, but be careful not to walk on and compact the earth where you will soon be planting.

If you did not cut back your ornamental grasses in the fall, now is the time to trim them back. Some people prefer to cut them in the fall to eliminate any mess from the dried stalks, but others like to keep them through the winter as the plumes are decorative and are a source of seed for the birds.

To help with the ongoing battle with crabgrass, try to prevent crabgrass from growing by applying a lawn food that contains a crabgrass pre-emergent.

A great way to prevent weeds from sprouting is to be proactive and use Preen Garden Weed Preventer in your beds.

The deer and rabbits are still browsing so keep up with your repellents if necessary, this is especially important as the new growth begins to emerge.

Liquid Fence is one of the many products on the market which can be used against those pest. It is an all natural spray that comes in a concentrate or ready-to-use spray bottle.

Transplant roses, shrubs and ornamental trees to allow time for them to take root before they start to bud.

Apply Holly-tone to your acid loving plants such as: Hollies, Azaleas, Camellias, Evergreens, Rhododendrons and Dogwoods. This should be done in the spring and the fall. Plant-tone can be applied to all the other trees and shrubs.

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